Sustained profits by brand pull

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The way forward

  • Do ONLY what is good for the business. BUSINESS IS SUPREME!
  • It is above all processes and individuals. All thoughts and activities need to only be towards ensuring the welfare and well being of the business as an entity.
  • Innovations, ideas, policy, strategy and tactics need to stand the test of time and achieve a wider and deeper try, buy, repeat and refer cycle from the market. Perpetual and rigorous monitoring, review and tweaking is the path to ensure success.
  • Focus on the all pervading brand and perception management. Your brand is the way your audience sees, thinks, talks about and experiences your organization. It starts from a very cordial and warm response from your first level response team to under commitment with over performance of your support team.

  • MBSO – focus on achievable and time bound criteria of management by smart objectives.
  • Perpetually check - r u achieving?
  • Practice the 5 whys technique to go to the root of a problem.
  • Apply common sense to derive the solution.
  • Focus not only on the WHAT but also on the HOW of doing things.
  • Mean what you say, say what you mean and do what you say!
  • Fix accountability. There should only be one head to wear the crown or to roll.