Sustained profits by brand pull

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Scope and capabilities

  • Evolving a go to market strategy with clarity on perception about a business, alignment with target segments, customer / client behavior, with expectations and requirements mapping to achieve correct positioning.
  • Induction and training of people in the sales team and channel partners with coordination, motivation, control and feedback on their activities for attaining business goals.
  • Working shoulder to shoulder with sales team and channel partners to show them the way for market penetration, developing new territories, participation in trade shows, validation of prospects, following up on inquiries, closing of orders, revenue recognition, tracking and collection of accounts receivables.
  • Ability of arranging and conducting successful meetings with key customers / luminaries, key accounts and trade.
  • Deep knowledge of product application and clinical domain in cardio vascular, diagnostic X-ray and ultrasound verticals in medical imaging.
  • Development of marketing communication from scratch.
  • Deep knowledge of various colour spaces like CMYK, RGB, illustration and image editing software, content creation, organizing photo shoot and production for e brochures and brochures in digital print and offset, presentations, large format signage, websites, electronic and video communication.